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Pixie Energy, alongside our sister company Cornwall Insight, produces a number of insight services that are available on a subscription basis.



2030 is a critical point in the transformation of UK energy; the vision to achieve this is emerging. We know the basic outline and where we want to get to but overlaying the solutions of today on the challenges of tomorrow will not work. We need to think about what we will want for our energy system in 2030 and design the future model to deliver that vision. Energy:2030, which is published monthly will provide you with the news and insight from GB and elsewhere that will help you navigate the future.

Building on the foundations of our suite of existing publications, Energy:2030 covers relevant and interesting developments from markets around the world including:

  • Market mechanisms and regulatory incentives
  • Technological developments and their anticipated impact
  • Changing policy as it evolves both in the UK and worldwide

Our Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Reports present insight from expert analysts on GB heat decarbonisation and take-up under the RHI scheme.

Published quarterly, the RHI reports (covering the domestic and non-domestic sectors separately) give you a comprehensive overview of developments under the RHI –– helping you keep up to date with guidance, policy updates, technology costs, tariff rates, and deployment statistics.

  • Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Report – This report is an ongoing series of quarterly updates including relevant insight into the RHI scheme developments on; guidance, policy updates, scheme costs, tariff rates, and deployment statistics.
  • Non Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Report – This report is an ongoing series of quarterly updates including relevant insight into the RHI scheme developments on; guidance, policy updates, technology costs, tariff rates, and deployment statistics.

In April 2017 the water sector opened up to greater competition in the English non-household market, raising the prospect of more choice for customers and innovation from market players.

Getting to grips with the latest policies, rule changes and competitor announcements can be a daunting task. There is a wealth of information online, but to understand what is truly important to your business can be a daunting task.

Water Weekly will help ensure you stay ahead of the game, delivering the need-to-know news for the water and wastewater community. It allows you to track industry developments and the drivers behind them, ensuring you have the information required to grow your business.

Pixie Energy and Cornwall Insight’s Charged Up: Future Fleet (CUFF) service is designed for fleet operators, leasing companies, charge point operators, DNOs and other organisations engaged in the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) in Great Britain (GB).

CUFF is a holistic market intelligence service that delivers insight on the dynamic EV sector, informed by industry leading market, policy and EV expertise.

The Embedded Benefits Calculator provides you with a simple tool to understand the value of embedded benefits. With the ability to tailor the calculator to your project, it will provide you with the current value of embedded benefits and a forecast for the next five years.

Maintained by Pixie Energy’s expert team
the calculator will be updated throughout the
year in line with the publication of new prices
and forecasts.

Costs associated with the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme are volatile, given their quarterly nature and variable renewables generation across the year. For supplier, it is crucial to understand how these costs may change and what to pass-through to customers. The Feed-in Tariff Forecast provides with a quarterly estimate of FiT costs over the coming three years, helping manage budgets. The report also comes with a monthly capacity and FiT scheme report to update customers with the latest market and policy developments.

The Scottish Energy News brand is dedicated to bringing you all the breaking news and developments in the Scottish energy sector. As well as bringing you developments in national energy policy and the oil and gas industry, we also want to expand on and inform you about new markets and developments, such as the roll-out of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, energy efficiency schemes, smart grids, flexibility, and community and local energy projects in Scotland.

Understanding these new markets and developments will be essential to understanding the Scottish energy landscape of the future.

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This free monthly publication delivers energy market news and insight with a focus on local energy and low-carbon developments in the East of England. If you are interested in Local Energy Matters, subscribe here to receive the free monthly publication.

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Every week, Pixie Energy produces a ‘Chart of the Week’ that looks closer at an energy sector-related chart that has caught our attention. 

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