October 10, 2017

Ultra-Low NOx burners

RJM’s engineering team has been at the forefront of designing, developing, manufacturing and installing its own range of innovative, high-performance low NOx burners and components for over 30 years. RJM’s innovations have been recognised through a number of industry awards, most recently the UK government’s Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2017. More…

Most projects at customer sites today still involve a signifcant low NOx element. More.

The company has recently developed a new range of Ultra-Low NOx Burners and they are enabling customers, who include many of the world’s leading power generators, to meet the latest emissions regulations and maintain operational flexibility, without having to invest in costly SCR or SNCR systems.

RJM’s Ultra-Low NOx burner experience

With over 60,000MWe of installed burner modifications worldwide and burner capacities from 5MWe to in excess of 100MWe, RJM has proven Ultra-Low NOx burner technology to suit all fuel types and all configurations.

If your burners are already low NOx, then RJM can provide you with references which demonstrate that further emissions reductions can still be achieved using RJM-engineered Ultra-Low NOx Burner modifications.

CleanAir BurnersTM

RJM has recently developed a new range of compact, extremely low NOx burners for applications in smaller plants. Nine of these gas-fired CleanAir BurnersTM were retro-fitted to a district heating plant in Beijing in 2016. This was RJM’s first major project in China and it is delivering minimal levels of NOx, below 30mg/Nm3 and therefore meeting the very stringent NOx emission requirements of the country‚Äôs new Clean Air Act.

Ultra-Low NOx coal burners

RJM has a strong global track record in delivering emissions reduction technologies and products to enable coal-fired plants to consistently and reliably meet increasingly stringent emissions targets, whilst firing globally-sourced fuels. At a recent project at SSE Ferrybridge, RJM’s Ultra-Low NOx burners brought NOx emissions down to 250 Mg/Nm3.

Read the full article here.

SSE has now commissioned RJM to install a further 48 ULtra-Low NOx burners on another unit at Ferrybridge. More…

Ultra-Low NOx oil burners

Caption: RJM oil burner on test using laser technologyRJM has also optimised a range of Ultra-Low NOx oil burners that perform reliably and meet the latest emissions regulations. Much of the detailed testing and refining took place on the International Flame Research Federation test rig at its laboratory in Pisa. Today, RJM Ultra-Low NOx oil burners are fitted to power stations all over the world, including AES Kilroot in Northern Ireland.

Ultra-Low NOx gas burners

Caption: RJM Ultra-Low NOx gas burners prior to installation at EssentRJM has installed its Ultra-Low NOx gas burners at power stations across the USA and in Europe enabling them to become NOx compliant. At Essent’s Clauscentrale power station in the Netherlands, RJM brought NOx levels down from 400 Mg/Nm3 to below 100mg/Nm3. Read the full article here.

Ultra-Low NOx biomass burners

RJM has proven its ultra-low NOx biomass burner design on the burner test facilities of a major generator and has been developing its own CFD code to replicate more precisely the combustion characteristics of biomass matter. The findings from RJM’s own CFD-based research, combined with the lastest physics available, are now being applied to fine-tune RJM’s biomass burner design for co-firing and full biomass conversion applications. RJM’s range of biomass-configured burners are now available to order. More…